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Arden of Vastil by CowsGoMoose
Arden of Vastil

“You’d best be watching yourself around Arden. He’s young, but he’s already a battlemage at his age. That and his magic… It’s different. Heard he bested some of the kingdom’s finest in practice.”

Running rivers of pure mana flood the roots of the forest on Vastil’s outer rim. It is believed that this ancient life source gives the saturated pink leaves their characteristic neon glow. Many forms of life grow within the foggy depths of the wood, but only the buck elves that reside there know the tricky turns and hidden routes that scatter Vastil’s borders and protect it from the the rest of the world’s greedy thirst.

Project Vastil is a story dragonducklake and I (well, I mainly do the art stuff, he’s the mastermind) have been sorta working on for almost a couple of years now about a group of younger and older teens dealing with a rapidly changing environment. The technology, lifestyles, cultures, and presentation of Project Vastil is what hopefully sets this medieval fantasy world on the cusp of its technological renaissance apart from others. It’s not just about swords and magic. The cities have a nightlife, the music is much more modern thanks to magical advances, and, well, it is its own universe, so why not try giving it a bit of a modern edge? :)

Story/Concept by dragonducklake

Art by me

Music: Dorian Concept - Draft Culture

This was a fun project and I plan on doing more of these for the other seven main characters in the story :) I will also be adding an “animated splash” tier on my commissions page very soon!


Regal by CowsGoMoose
I don't typically draw anthro characters (outside of werewolves and high fantasy creatures) but this was fun to draw so I'll post it because I haven't updated in a long while.

You can find me on Tumblr through or follow me on twitter @amburgersupreme

I don't much post here but it is what it is and if you'd like to see me post a loooot more I'm most active on tumblr :)

Please keep rude or toxic comments about anthro and furry characters to yourself unless you have something nice to say. Thanks!

EDIT: WOW! I can't believe it! Thank you all so much for my first Daily Deviation! I'm very grateful and happy for all the kind comments :) I should be posting more artwork soon. And sorry if I don't respond to all your comments, I am always very busy but I read every comment I get! <3
An Eye for an Eye by CowsGoMoose
An Eye for an Eye
I wanted to bring back an old character of mine and also challenge myself to do a fake cover illustration for a fantasy novel. This was the result, a story about a werewolf who trades his eye to a demon in exchange for the ability to see spirits and fight as a demon hunter by venturing into the foggy veil that protects the humans from the paranormal world.

...Or something like that :P

Find more work at


Amber H.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am just a girl who loves the human figure. I love sculpting, drawing, painting, and crafting all sorts of stuff!

I loooove fantasy art and illustration. I also enjoy multimedia pieces with lots of color and texture.

You can find my sketch blog where I post mostly works in progress and personal art at ! And feel free to talk to me and ask me anything :) I always read my notes and try to reply to them as much as possible!

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